Sub Inspector Past Paper for ISI Exam

Sub Inspector Past Paper For ISI Exam





1- Obama is president of ———–

2- Currency of USA is ———-

3- Eiffel tower in————-

4- Popular sport is———–

5- Rogers Federal is player of ———

6- Who is chairman of senate——–?

7- Islamic Republican of Pakistan named in——–

8- Indo-China war started in——-

9- Who was the winner of 1970s election——–?

10- Winner of football in 2006———-

11- President of France is ———-

12- How much continent in the world——-

13- Largest continent area wise is ———

14- Oil consuming country is ——

15. Alexandrian is the famous city of ———

16- Football world cup won by———- in 2006

17. Russia attacked on Afghanistan in ——-

18- Second largest city of Pakistan is ———–

19- ShahJhan mosque is situated in ———–

20- Neluam valley is in ————

21- Name Pak-Afghan Border——–

22- America found by——–

23- When Qaid-e-Azam left congress——-

24- 1st Pakistani scientist who awarded with Nobel prize——-

25- Muslim country area wise is ———-




1- First Qalma is———

2- Jang-e-Uhad fought in hijirah———-

3- Hajj Commanded in ——— Hijirah

4- 2 prayers which has not Azan—–

5- How many are Fundamental of Islam——

6- Zakat on Gold is ————

7- Holy Prophet P.b.u.h is buried in ——– (jennet ul baqi/ Masjid e Naive/ non of these)

8- Who was 1st, who accept Islam ———-

9- War badar were leaded by non Muslim side——–

10- Who was 1st, who offered prayer behind Hazrat Muhammad PBUH——-?

11- The word Adam is in ——- language

12 -How many Muslim were in Jang-e-Badar——–

13- Khaibar fought in ——- A.H

14- In which government of khalifa, ASLAT KHAIR MINALNOME added in the Azan




1- Element in diamond is——–

2-Which gas is usually filled in balloon——

3- Computer chip is made up of———- element

4- How many meters has in 1 km ——-

5-Study of plant is——-

6- During photosynthesis plants release—— gas

7- E- mail stands for——

8- E-commerce stands for——-

9- How many grams are in Karat ———-

10- A device which measure milk is ———


Sub Inspector Past Paper For ISI Exam


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