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PPSC Past Paper of Accounts Officer Exam

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PPSC Past Paper Of Accounts Officer Exam

PPSC Past Paper of  Accounts Officer Exam

PPSC Past Paper of  Accounts Officer Exam

Which is Capital of Croatia?
• What is Currency of Norway?
• UNO related Organization which established before world war II?
• Which is the Old Name of Istanbul?
• Which UNO Organization deals with Childs?
• What is the name of Bangladesh Parliament?
• Rusting of Iron is a what a chemical process
• What is Colour of sky if there was no sun?
• When was Karachi Stock Exchange established?
• Chronometer is used for?
• Decibel Unit Measures what?
• Which material is used to convert solar energy?
• Cyclone renamed to Srilanka on which date?
• What is second pillar of Islam?
• Where First SAARC Conference was held?
• Who was first Hafiz Of Quran?
• What are the total number of members countries in NAM?
• Which is first revealed Book?
• Most important Miracle of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)?
• Which Is the Madni Surah from the given?
• Sura Momin in which Para?
• Which is 3rd source of Islamic Jurisprudence?
• What is Literal Meaning of Ijtihad?
• Khilafat of Hazrat Abu Bakar consisting of how many years?
• What was Title of Hazrat Ibrahim?
• Hana Lake Near which City?
• What was the age of Hazrat Ali at time of his death?
• Karbala Event in which Hijra?
• Name of Hazrat Umar’s Qabeela?
• Name of Mother of Hazrat Usman?
• Ch. Rehmat Ali is Burried in ?
• Earth Quack in Pakistan on which date?
• What percent of Pak Population speak Baluchi?
• Islamabad became Capital on which date?
• Gilgit Abotabad Pass name?
• What was the age of Age of Hazrat Usman at time of his death?
• Saif Ul Malook is written by?
• Committee on National Anthem on which date?
• Which Viceroy of Hindustan having shortest tenure?
• National Anthem Composition ready for approval on which date?
• No. Highest peaks in Pakistan out of 14 in Asia?
• Which Sector is the largest Consumer of Gas?
• Who is the writer of “Muqadama”?
• Which person from given represented Pakistan in United Nations?
• How many times Pakistan won World Hockey Cup.?
• Kala bagh dam is constructed on which river?
• Which is the currency of Norway?
• Who was heading Muslim league Jalsa in 1940?
• Decibel is unit of? sound
• When did Kargil conflict took place? in 1999
• Who is the writer of Ibn ul Waqt? Deputy Nazir Ahmad
• Who is the writer of Mad o jazar Islam? Altaf hussain hali
• Coversion of water into steam does not chemical reaction.
• Hazrat Yunus was eaten by? fish.
• hazrat Adam is called? Abu al bashar
• What is the duty Mekaeel? rain

PPSC Past Paper Of Accounts Officer Exam

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